Briuna Tables 25-year-old mother and graduate from University of Memphis - Mommy And Me Swag

April 22, 2018 1 min read




What were some of the challenges you faced while attending school and being a mother?

Some of the challenges I faced was class times and getting someone to watch my daughter. Some classes throughout college was only available during certain times. Also, another challenged I faced was trying to network and be involved in school while working. This was very difficult because I had to work full time to pay our bills!


What was your biggest moment in school?

My biggest moment in school was last school year when I made the dean’s list while working full time.


How does it feel to be a role model to your daughter?

It feels great to be a role model for my daughter because that’s all I ever want to be. I want her to grow up saying my mom had me after high school but that didn’t stop her from graduating college.


What was it like finally doing it and walking across the stage?

The process is amazing; one of the best feelings in the world other than the day I gave birth.


Was your daughter excited and proud of your accomplishments?

Yes, she is still very excited!


What are your plans now that you have graduated?

My plans after graduation is to travel the world with Bella then be a part of visuals and or merchandising for a high-end fashion company.

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