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May 29, 2018 2 min read

Hey Girls Hey!

My name is Cara Wysong,

I am a Fiancée to an amazing man, mommy to 3 little's (5,3,1 year old), 2 doggies, and I am a Special Education Teacher. I became a Color Street Stylist in April 2018. It is a brand new business venture for me, and I am so excited about this new opportunity.  

When did you start your nail collection? 
I started with Color Street in April 2018, a few weeks after I fell in love with their no dry time nails strips. 
What inspired you to create these fun nail products for women and girls?
NYC, the birthplace of Color Street! It began in 1984, when Fa Park was on a bus stuck in a traffic jam and saw a woman in a nearby cab trying to polish her nails. He thought, “There has to be a better way!” 

Color Street is a creative beauty brand with limitless possibilities. We believe in supporting and empowering a person's spirit & individuality. We celebrate entrepreneurs and inspire them to pave the road to personal success.

No matter how BIG the dream, how BRILLIANT the sparkle, or how INTENSE the shine, it’s our goal to encourage every individual to ACHIEVE big dreams. Create your own path, grab the wheel, and let Color Street take you there.



The nail kits look amazing which products are your favorite? 
Some of my current favorites are the mixed mani look with At the Plaza & Crystal Cave. 
Can you share some of the challenges of starting a business?
It can be overwhelming! There is excitement to being your own boss and owning your own buisness, but making sure you are building a buisness that you can be proud of. You want to share your excitment with others, but also finding balance with being professional. 
What are some of your future goals for the nail collection? 
My future goals are to continue sharing my love for this amazing product, get more “time freedom”, expand my customer base, and build a team of women that can be successful in owning their own business by be their own boss. 
What advice do you have for someone looking to start a business while juggling mom life ? 
It is totally manageable!!! With a planner, and a little time management, you too can be your own boss babe! 
You can visit me at: 
IG: @aeronailsbycarawysong

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