KidzCon AUG 11+12 2018 - Mommy And Me Swag

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May 22, 2018 1 min read

AUG 11+12 2018

Kidzcon is meant to empower kids to not be afraid to be themselves and express their individuality in a highly compromised world of adults. To stay true to what makes them, them, and to never be scared to express that no matter whose around.

These unique values are reinforced through a unique and highly original experience that can only be felt in Los Angeles, California. The first ever kids world and expressive festival in the world.

Our brand's ultimate goal is to empower children to be themselves in a highly crowded and compromised world. We strive to empower children to be themselves, whoever that might be. We strive to be a platform that promotes this idea to parents throughout the world.

Our brand stands against monotony and feeling "forced" to be anyone or anything other than yourself.

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