Mommy And Me Swag was developed by mother/daughter duo Porscha Chambers and Isis Chanel Chambers in March 2018. The premise behind the line was to push fashion boundaries, offer a multi-functional lifestyle brand with its simple apparel and bring mothers and daughters closer together.

The pair wanted to ensure that Mommy And Me Swag became the one-stop shop for all things mother and daughter. The duo work to bring premium products to their customers with the idea that they get more than what they paid for. 

Porscha and Isis agreed the brand needs to stand out among the rest of the fashion crowd, and they managed to do this by working with well-known, highly-respectable quality fabric suppliers. Both wanted to create bold but comfortable must-have designs that were a testament to the mother/daughter duo’s commitment to affordable and fashionable clothing.

With their website, customers can purchase reasonably-priced products and create custom orders as well as get tips on an array of topics: fashion, hair products, parenting, traveling, bookings, shoots, auditions, etc. Take a look at what Mommy And Me Swag has to offer and become one of the thousands of individuals satisfied with the clothing brand yourself.